Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - Olmsted County has launched a new land notification alerts service to help protect property owners against fraud.

The Olmsted County Property Records and Licensing team launched the new service that will warn property owners when documents are recorded with their personal name, business name, or property ID number. According to a press release from Olmsted County, each time an alert is triggered, an email is sent to the property owner to provide an update of any activity.

“Land Notification Alerts is a free service Olmsted County is offering to property owners,” said Director of Olmsted County Property Records and Licensing Mark Krupski. “If you are interested in receiving these alerts, all you need to do is sign up. We will only contact you if a document qualifies for the alerts that you set up. This will help you protect your most valuable asset and stay on top of any fraudulent claims.”

Those who would like to sign up for the Olmsted County Land Notification Alerts can do so on the county's website. You will need an email account with Google, Yahoo, or OpenID to register for an account.

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Property fraud is when someone illegally uses your name on records related to your property for financial gain or acquisition of your assets.

“Mortgage and real estate fraud do occur and is a growing crime in our society,” continued Krupski. “Monitoring records on your property can help in the prevention of this crime.”

If you have any questions about the new service, you can reach out to Olmsted County Property Records at 507-328-7635 or via e-mail:

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