Did you miss the excitement in Rochester, Minnesota on Sunday?  If you didn't hear about the 20 to 30 goats that were on the run, that answer is "yes".


Goats are on the run in Rochester, Minnesota!

If you missed this bit of excitement over the weekend, on Sunday morning, the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office posted the following message on their Facebook page:

The Sheriff’s Office has located 20-30 goats with green and tan ear tags in the 6600 block of Broadway Ave N in Cascade Township. We have been unable to locate/identify the owner of the goats. The goats are currently being housed on a nearby farmstead. If anyone has information on who the owner of the goats are, please contact the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office via the Dispatch Center at 507-328-6800, reference case #21-925900 so we can reunite the owners with these goats.

funny goat puts out its tongue
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A Happy Ending to the Missing Goats in Rochester, Minnesota.

I've got a few acres of mostly buckthorn right now and was hoping I could snag the goats for a bit and let them munch on it before they went back to their home but thanks to everyone sharing the news about the missing goats, the owners were found.

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Country living is great but the smells right now might make you puke.

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