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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - A Rochester man today entered into a plea agreement in a case involving what police described as a “rolling gunfight” that occurred almost 3 years ago.

22-year-old Ron Burks was among the several people charged after Rochester police responded to reports of gunfire in the Lincolnshire neighborhood in northwest Rochester in August 2018. He was accused of being in one of the two vehicles involved in the incident, during which witnesses reported the occupants of both vehicles exchanged gunfire as they sped through the area north of 41st Street on the west side of Highway 52. No one was injured.

Burks entered an Alford plea to a second-degree assault charge this morning. The plea means he does not admit guilt but acknowledges there is sufficient evidence to convict him of the charge. He also entered a guilty plea to a fifth-degree assault charge for punching a man while robbing him of a bag and cell phone in a separate incident the same year.

Burks was scheduled to go on trial in both cases next week. He is now scheduled to be sentenced on June 1st.

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