NEW YORK (AP) — New York City’s police commissioner says the officer who shot the man responsible for a deadly rampage on a Manhattan bike path is too modest to admit he’s a hero.

Officer Ryan Nash was on a routine call at a nearby school when he and his partner were told there had been an accident outside.

The pair raced outside and encountered Sayfullo Saipov in the street, waving two firearms that were later revealed to be a paintball gun and a pellet gun.

Commissioner James O’Neill said of Nash, “I don’t think we could find a more humble human being.”


Meanwhile, another New York police department official says it appears the driver in the deadly bike path attack has links to people who have been investigated.

However, Deputy Commissioner John Miller says the driver himself was never a previous subject of investigation by the FBI or police.

Miller said Wednesday that the man had been planning the attack for weeks and did it “in the name of ISIS.”

He says there were “multiple knives” in addition to imitation guns displayed by the attacker, who was wounded by a police officer. Miller said the driver had handwritten notes that essentially said the Islamic State will “endure forever.”

Eight people were killed and a number of others injured in Tuesday’s attack near the World Trade Center.





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