Racine, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is now accepting public comments on an environmental review of a proposed expansion of a hog production facility south of Stewartville.

The plan submitted by Deer Creek Run Farm calls for the construction of three new containment barns that would boost the capacity of the operation from the current 2,150 swine to over 7,700 hogs. The property is about six miles east of Grand Meadow near the Deer Creek Speedway and Campground.

The MPCA report indicates the expanded operation would produce over 3 million gallons of liquid manure annually that would be stored and reinforced concrete pits below all the barns that would have a total capacity of almost 16 million gallons of liquid manure and wash water. The animal waste would then be applied as fertilizer on 21 sites within three miles of the facility.

The public comment period runs through September 6th. For more information, visit the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Public Notice Webpage.

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