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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Three members of the 2021 Rochester Community and Technical College football team are named in criminal complaints connected to an altercation that broke out after a game last October.

Named in the complaints are 21-year-old Shan Fiorenza, 21-year-old Akim Richmond, and 20-year-old Amonte Young.

The complaints say a coach for Minnesota West Community and Technical College told officers “the two teams started to argue and engage in a physical altercation” after their Oct. 24 game at RCTC.

The coach says he saw Fiorenza “throwing punches “ The coach said when he grabbed Fiorenza, he was punched in the face five times. The coach said Richmond joined in the assault and the two threw him to the ground and continued punching him. The coach said he blacked out and was later treated for a concussion.

The complaints say another coach was assaulted by Young.

Olmsted County Court
Olmsted County Court

Police investigators used a surveillance recording to make positive IDs of the three players.

As of Tuesday, Young had not been formally charged. Fiorenza and Richmond are facing assault charges.

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