Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - The Rochester City Council may decide at its next meeting if it will give the green light to finish the Police Department’s North Station project at a cost that could approach $20,000,000.

The council was briefed Monday on the project that has been in the planning stages the last few years.

The North Station is located at the former Think Bank along West River Parkway and is already being put to use by the department. The project presented Monday calls for an expansion that would include a large parking structure. It could be completed in two phases or at the same time. Estimated costs are $19.6-million for the two-phase approach or $18.1-million if all the work is done under one contract.

Police Chief Roger Peterson told the council the project would allow the department to relocate 60-percent of the patrol division from the current building to the new site. Several other functions would also make the move. Peterson says the goal is to eventually have the site serve as a full-service facility.

If the council approves the project, the city will borrow the money to pay for it.

The Council may also decide soon if it wants to pursue a proposal to partner with Oronoco and possibly Pine Island on a regional wastewater treatment plant.

Oronoco is facing a challenge because a majority of the septic tanks in the town are not in compliance with regulations. But some council members expressed reluctance to support the proposal. One reason is the cost, which could be in the millions of dollars - even if the state helps foot the bill. And, the city may not face its own wastewater issues for decades.