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You want to get more e-mail? Write about pit-bulls, politics, or trash in parks. I am not joking about the last one. I'll give you an example of the anger-balls in a second, but first, some background.

The picture up there is from this story I wrote...

In a "Spotted in Rochester" Facebook Post, Chris Holter said, "How are we so damn lazy not to pick up and leave no trace? Beautiful day with trash, and dog poop bags."

And I say...right? It's just like the jerk-head-crap-faces that dump their ashtrays out on the street, parking lots, and sidewalks. If you don't want your trash, why do you think we do? We don't, so knock-it-off.

That doesn't seem so wild, does it? It's not. But then I said,

I know someone is reading this saying to themselves (or out loud to their sweetie pie), "If they hadn't taken the cans out of the parks, we wouldn't have this problem!"  Ahhhhhhshushitup, Franklin. Is the problem really the trash cans or do you just like griping?

Here's one of the emails -


I totally get you want a clean park. That's 100% reasonable. However, you're picking up the trash and putting it where the dumpsters used to be?  That seems pretty passive aggressive to me. Plus, I imagine it makes you angry every time you do it. Because, you're right. You shouldn't have to clean up someone's garbage. So stop doing it.

On the other hand, I don't think it's reasonable is being angry at the city or the parks department for the lack of garbage cans. Blame the litterers. They're LITTERally the ones making the mess. ((pun rim shot))

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

However, I would rather light a candle than curse the darkness, so I want to encourage you to do something about it. Something concrete. I promise, picking up the trash and re-littering isn't sending a message to anyone but your blood pressure and temper.

Where do you start? You call the people in charge of the parks (they often make decisions the city council has no control over). Start at the top and ask for Paul Widman, the Director of Park & Recreation. The contact info you need is here. Politely tell 'em what you see as the problem and what you see as the solution.

If that doesn't get you what you want, get in touch with your Rochester City Council representative. Bend their ear. All their contact information is here. Maybe they can't fix the problem directly, but they can reach out and speak on your behalf. Or they can help figure out your next move.

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