Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - The Rochester Fire Department assisted in the rescuing of horse from a trench early this morning.

The Rochester Fire Department said it was received a call from 7622 11 Ave. NW around 3:30 this morning to help Olmsted County Deputies and a veterinarian to help with a horse that was caught in a trench that was about five feet deep. The trench had some water and exposed power cables at the bottom, with the horse's rear legs, were mired.

After cutting the power, RFD attached a rope-and-pulley systems to adjacent trees and attached a strap under the horse. They also placed straw under the horse's rear legs to help with the footing and dug out one end of the trench to make a shallow incline for the horse to walk up and out after it was free of the mud. After several lifting attempts, the horse’s legs were clear enough to walk up the shallow end and out of the trench without injuries to the horse.

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