Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)  - The Rochester Fire Department’s HAZMAT unit was called into action early Sunday morning after a woman attempted suicide by mixing household chemicals in a pail.

Deputy Chief Steve Belau says the incident was reported around 4:14am at the Sunrise Trailer Park at the junction of Highway 63 North and 75th Street after Olmsted County Sheriff’s Deputies located a vehicle linked to a report of a suicidal person that was received by the law enforcement center in Rochester late Saturday night.  The woman had mixed chemicals in a pail placed inside the vehicle in order to create a toxic gas. After deputies safely removed the woman from the vehicle, she was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital. Information about her condition is not available.

The Fire Department’s HAZMAT team put on breathing apparatus and used multi-gas detectors and testing paper to assess the danger and found there were no longer any hazards from the chemicals, which were then disposed of.

Chief Belau says, about once a year, the fire department responds to incidents involving the accidental creation of toxic chlorine gas caused by the mixing of common household cleaning materials.

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