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The sun was beating down on us as we sat outside Charlies having an adult beverage, so we went inside, and good deal we did because I discovered the "Die Covid-19 Die" game!

If you've not been to Charlies, it's a nice place. Food, drinks, wicked breakfast bingo (don't step out of line or the bingo lady will slay you hardcore, JACK!). And now, in the spirit of Covid-19, the Coronavirus, and the pandemic, there's a game you can play to maybe feel like you're getting back at it a bit.

I present, "Die Covid Die!"

Credit: James Rabe

OK, yeah, it's just bags. Or "Corn-hole" as too dang many people call it. ((shudder)) I will never get used to "corn-holing a Saturday away."

Anyway, Mike, a patron near me, said he thought it was pretty cool, "You know, it's messed up our lives, its killing people, I think a lot of people miss on purpose just to hear it WHACK against Covid-19."

I think it's great. Sure, it doesn't solve anything, but neither did my tear-apart-boss-doll, but it was fun, and silly, and sometimes that's all we need for a reset. Let some stress out, and then go on our way.

Click for link to e-bay to buy this awesome thing.

Also, shout-out to Trish for being a tough boss that really just wanted us to come in ready to win everyday...she's the one that gave me this doll after she made me a manager.

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