UPDATE: The Rochester Kismet business and buildings were sold last month (story below) by Penny Bracken to Jes Petersen in a contract-for-deed worth $1.5 million dollars. How much space is it all together on Penny Lane (the nickname the spaces go by in Rochester)...total retail space is 11,145 square feet!

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(September 13, 2022) - A beloved store in Rochester Minnesota has changed hands; kismet has been sold to Jes Peterson, who said no major changes will be made, and the entire staff will stay on.

The announcement was made by the former owner, Penny Bracken, on the kismet Facebook page.

Today the ownership of Kismet passed from one hand to another. I am honored and blessed to have shared the past 19 years with many of you and now look forward to the future.

Please know that I'm not going anywhere soon and will be here to help in the transition.

I look forward to serving each and every one of you.

The community that has embraced kismet is the life force that I will forever be in awe of.

This is a happy time as I close this chapter.

On to new beginnings!

Bracken, who began her Rochester Minnesota life when she bought Heidi's Closet in 2004. says she is not retiring, just starting another chapter of her life. She'll spend more time with family in California and at her home in Mexico, according to a Jeff Kiger story in the Rochester PB.

A Facebook Comment Worth Noting

Personal Note: When the announcement was made, this comment exchange took place on Facebook. I think it sums up what I've heard over and over again about Penny.

Gayle - So happy for you Penny. You have made a lasting legacy and we are so grateful.

kismet - Thank you! And your fabulous son Ben Kall for making it all happen!

Gayle - Thank you, Penny. I can’t argue with what a talented and professional son I have. But, this is all on you. You leave a lasting legacy. You’ve built this incredible business with ingenuity, intelligence, grace, and style...and kindness and professionalism to boot.

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