"When Snow Is Here, You Have 24 Hours to Clear."

We've had our first taste of Minnesota Snow, with more expected this Friday, so I thought it'd be a good idea to go over what is and isn't required in Rochester as far as snow shoveling, snow blowing, snow clearing is concerned.


We Are A Community

Mostly on social media you see people talking against the required snow shoveling, often, "It's the city's sidewalk not my house's, so why should I have to do it?" Because we're a community. That's not a very satisfactory answer for some, but it's true.

We each pitch in a little bit and the city doesn't have to do it, people can walk on the neighborhood sidewalks, and and it gets done. The visitors to our city are usually here for health issues, they don't need a slip and fall to add to their pain in the butt or wallet.

It's Just part of living in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

When Snow Is Here, You Have 24 Hours to Clear.

But what are the rules? Scroll and you will behold 18 slides of info you never knew you'd need. Even where to get free sand for traction and how to call a complaint in about your neighbor that's left their car in the street for FOUR storms now.

Rochester's Sidewalk Snow Removal Rules (Scroll Slowly)

These are the snow removal laws in Rochester, Minnesota. They go for both homes and businesses. All of the information comes from here on the City of Rochester Website.

I say scroll slowly in the title because there's a lot of info here.

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