Rochester, MN  (KROC AM News) -The Rochester Police Department is investigating an apparent attempted murder/suicide in the Elton Hills neighborhood.


Captain John Sherwin says officers were contacted around 9:15 Monday morning about an injured woman who had collapsed outside  a residence in the 2900 block of 9th Ave NW. It was thought she had been stabbed but it was determined she had actually been shot in the upper body more than once. She was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital. No word yet on her medical condition.

Sherwin suspects she was shot in her home and then walked outside for assistance.  A witness called police after seeing her fall to the sidewalk.

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The woman is in her late 40’s and apparently had a past relationship with a  man who was found dead in a truck that was parked about a block away. It’s believed he died from a self inflicted gunshot wound. The man- believed to have been his early 70’s-  did not live in Rochester.

Sherwin says the incident is being treated as a domestic violence incident. More information is expected to be released later today.

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