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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - Rochester police are looking for a man who has been gaining access to homes by posing as a heating and cooling technician.

Police Captain Casey Moilanen says officers were sent to the 3200 block of Coneflower Lane Southwest Friday afternoon to investigate a report of suspicious activity. A woman reported that a man came to her home impersonating an HVAC technician and told her he was there to service the fireplaces in the home.

The victim told the officers the man was wearing a jacket with the word “Haley” on it, and believing that her husband may have made an appointment, she allowed him into the house. She indicated the man checked out the fireplaces for a short time and then left.

The woman later spoke with her husband and learned that he had not made an appointment. She then called Haley Comfort Systems and was told the business had not sent any of its staff to her address.

Captain Moilalen says Haley Comfort Systems has since reported receiving several calls about a person approaching homeowners and saying they were there to do work in the home. In each case, the company did not have any of its technicians dispatched to work at those residences.

The suspect is described as white, with a medium build, 5 foot 6 to around 5 foot 10 tall, with blue eyes. He was wearing a black coat with the word “Haley” on it and a neck gaiter covering his face.

The Rochester Police Department recommends the following if someone shows up to work on your home unannounced or unscheduled:

  • Before opening your door try to visually identify who the person is.
  • Look for company logos on the person and the vehicle they arrived in.
  • If your door has a chain, put it on before answering the door, as this will create a barrier between you and the person.
  • Ensure an appointment has been set up with the business to work on your home.
  • Have the person wait outside until you can call the business and confirm they have sent someone out to make a repair. Ask for the name of the person that is scheduled to make the repair.
  •  Ask the person for their identification to ensure it matches the name given by the company.
  • If you feel the person may be an imposture, do not let them in and contact the police department.

Anyone with information about this incident or the identity of the impersonator is asked to contact the police department at 507-328-6800. If you wish to remain anonymous, tips can be left at the Crime Stoppers website.

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