Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Rochester Public Schools is expanding its meals program for children in the community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Starting Monday, the school district will be offering a new "Grab and Go" program at 17 sites in Rochester. The meals will consist of a cold lunch, along with breakfast for the next day. The meals will be available for pickup at the locations below from 11 am until 12:30 pm through Friday.

  • Riverside (front drop-off loop)
  • John Adams (door 9 - NE side of building)
  • Mayo (door 2c by tennis courts
  • Longfellow-SE (bus lot)
  • Pinewood -SE (front lot)
  • Franklin-SE (NW corner of lot)
  • Gage-NW (west lot)
  • Sunset Terrace NW (front of school,south)
  • Elton Hills-NW (SW side of lot)
  • Jefferson-NE (south side of school)
  • Bishop-NE (bus zone)
  • Washington-C (north side of school)
  • Oak Terrace/Parkside-SE (Park Lane)
  • Homestead Village-SE (HV lane, north of curve)
  • Andover Apartments-SE (8 1/2 st)
  • Willow Ridge-SW (storm shelter)
  • Weatherstone-NW (Weatherstone Dr. trailhead)
  • Pax Christi Church-NW (between church and fire station)
  • Zumbro Ridge Estates-NE (near bus shelter)
  • Meadow Park-SE (4th Ave and 14th St.)
  • Evangel United Methodist-NE (north lot)

Program organizers say the lunches are intended to be eaten immediately or refrigerated within 2 hours. Leftovers should be thrown out within 3 days and cold foods like milk or cheese need to be kept cold.

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