Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The recent bitter cold and the forecast calling for even colder weather next week has Rochester Public Utilities concerned about frozen water pipes.

RPU issued a statement today urging customers to monitor the temperature of the water coming from the cold taps in their homes and businesses. For best results, RPU customers are advised to turn on an inside faucet and hold a thermometer under the cold water for about 20 seconds before checking the temperature reading.

If it falls below 35-degrees, a cold tap should remain open and running a continuous pencil-width stream of water until the frost lifts out of the ground in the spring. The cost of running a faucet is around $80 to $100 a month including sewer fees while thawing a frozen water line could cost between $800 and $1500 dollars.

If you decide to run a faucet continuously to avoid a problem, you are asked to notify RPU by calling 507-280-1500.

RPU says water service lines and typically buried six feet deep, while the current average frost depth in the Rochester area is around 32 inches. Officials note that freezing lines should be especially concerning for homes and businesses that have experienced previous problems.

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