Don't just throw out those dead holiday lights! Maybe you've got one bulb burnt out or an entire strand that called it quits this year. Either way, don't put it in your trash can. There's an easy and free way to get rid of those dead holiday lights right here in Rochester, Minnesota.

By recycling your holiday lights instead you're helping the planet, and anything we can do to take care of the planet is awesome! Rochester Public Utilities is allowing people to bring their dead holiday lights to their facility to be recycled for free. You seriously don't have to do anything special with these lights. Just collect them, bring them to RPU, drop them off in the designated bin in their lobby area, and that's it.

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Why You Should Recycle Your Holiday Lights

Recycling is better for the planet and holiday lights contain many common recyclable materials according to Green Citizen like metal, plastic, and glass. But it's important that you don't just toss your lights in your regular recycling and bring them to RPU instead. That's because the things you put in your recycling bin, go through a machine at the recycling plant and the strands of holiday lights can get tangled in them.

You have through Friday, January 28th to drop off your holiday lights to be recycled at RPU. RPU is open weekdays 8 AM - 5 PM.

Also if you have holiday lights that aren't burnt out but they aren't your style anymore, donate them instead. That way someone else can enjoy those lights and they don't sit in a landfill.

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