Rochester, MN  (KROC AM News) - The Rochester School Board has joined other elective bodies around the country in removing official recognition of Columbus Day.  

The proposal was a walk-in item at Tuesday night’s board meeting.

The proposed resolution called for replacing the recognition of Columbus Day on future district calendars. It will be replaced by “Indigenous Peoples' Day” - also known as “Native American Day”  - and  "Día de la Raza"  or "Day of the Race" which is formally observed in several Latin American countries.

Board members Gary Smith, Dan O’Neill and Anne Becker voted against the resolution but the other four members voted in favor and it passed. Smith says the decision won't affect scheduling because Columbus Day is not observed as a holiday by the district.

O’Neil says he wanted to delay the vote so there could be more discussion. O’Neil says he, Becker and Smith proposed keeping the recognition of Columbus Day and adding the two other two observances but that proposal was rejected.



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