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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  A lawsuit has been filed in Olmsted County Court that is seeking damages from the YMCA for the reported sexual assault of a Rochester teenager.

The complaint documents five incidents in 2018 and includes graphic descriptions of the alleged assaults.

The lawsuit names YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities as the defendant. The local Y joined the Twin Cities organization in 2017. The local site closed earlier this year.

According to the victim's lawsuit, she and the teenager accused of assaulting her were 15-years-old and part of a larger group that had frequent contact at the Y’s basketball and volleyball facilities. Three of the alleged assaults took place in locker rooms after the teenager forced the girl inside.

The last incident happened on May 26, 2018 when the teenager was accused of grabbing the victim. Her sister told YMCA staff and the teenager was ordered to leave. The victim’s father contacted police and the teenager was charged in juvenile court. He later pleaded guilty to 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct.

The lawsuit says the Y had a duty “to thoroughly supervise minors during the time they were on its premises” and “to provide a safe and secure environment in which staff members thoroughly supervised areas of activity open to customers during periods of use.”

The lawsuit says because of the YMCA’S negligence, the victim “was sexually assaulted and has been caused to incur and will in the future incur, medical expenses for care and treatment.”

It seeks damages of more than $50,000.

The lawsuit includes information about the director at the time:


Olmsted County Court
Olmsted County Court

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