Rochester Mayor Ardell Brede brought along the new Executive Director of the Rochester International Airport for his regular appearance on the Rochester Today show with Andy Brownell on KROC-AM Friday morning.

John Reed reported for work in Rochester about a month ago after spending years working at the airport in Green Bay Wisconsin. He likes to compare the Green Bay Packers to the Mayo Clinic, at least when it comes to airport operations and the economic impact on the community.

Reed described the complex logistics required to keep operations flowing smoothly at the Green Bay airport when the Packers have a home game at Lambeau Field. He says the airport staff not only handles the large charter jets that bring the opposing teams to Green Bay, but the crews also have to find places to park around 200 private jets that bring business executives and other well-heeled Packers fans to the games. Reed says those aircraft also need to be re-fueled and restocked by the time the football game ends. During one particularly busy playoff game, that required about a million gallons of fuel.

Listen to the entire show by clicking on the play button below.


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