Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A Rochester woman who was trying to help the daughter of a friend Wednesday ended up becoming a victim of a carjacking.

Police say the 53-year-old woman had offered the girl a ride. When she arrived at her house around 9:45 PM, the girl said she no longer needed a ride. But she asked the woman if she could give three male friends a ride and she agreed.

A short while later, the males told her to go to a downtown motel. They then told her to get out of the car or she would be shot. They left her near the former Lourdes High School and drove off with her car.

She called 911 and officers located the vehicle about 90 minutes with two males inside. One was arrested. No weapon was found in the car. Police say the woman’s purse, wallet and phone were missing.

Olmsted County ADC

The man who was arrested was identified as 23-year-old Mohamed Mumin.

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