Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - A second man has been handed a prison sentence for sexually assaulting a Rochester teenager two years ago.

In February, an Olmsted County jury found 26-year-old Dejuan Gray of Detroit Michigan guilty of first-degree attempted criminal sexual conduct and the second-degree criminal sexual conduct for a sexual assault that occurred in January 2021. The victim in the case was 15 years old.

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According to the criminal complaint, Gray and 24-year-old Timothy Bremer of Arlington Texas sexually assaulted the juvenile girl at Bremer's apartment in northwest Rochester. The court document says she had agreed to visit him to smoke some marijuana.

Olmsted County ADC photo
Timothy Bremer - Olmsted County ADC photo
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The girl told police that she discovered another man was in the apartment when she arrived and went with Bremer into his bedroom because she felt uncomfortable about the other man's presence. The charges say Bremer then made sexual advances toward her and she tried to push him away.


The victim stated that Bremer positioned himself between her and the bedroom door when she made a move to leave, and that is when Gray entered the room and both men assaulted her. The criminal complaint says the girl eventually was given an opportunity to escape and ran out of the building to her vehicle.

Gray was given an 8 year prison sentence for his conviction. He was given credit for the 78 days he has spent in jail since his arrest, but he will also be an unconditional release for 10 years following his discharge from prison.

Minnesota Dept. of Corrections photo
Minnesota Dept. of Corrections photo

Bremer, who was convicted of the same charges, was earlier sentenced to 90 months in prison with 10 years on conditional release following the completion of his sentence.

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