Interesting call from a listener this morning while chatting with the Sports Expert, George Rownd at 6:45. We always give listeners a chance to stump the sports expert and if they do, they win a Subway sandwich certificate. 

Hope's USO Show
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So, Stoney called in with this question: "What all-star catcher toured with Bob Hope to South Korea on one of his USO tours in 1970?"  Some of you may remember watching them on TV. Hope would often take star athletes on these tours.

Stoney said he was stationed in South Korea and sat and waited for most of a day waiting for the helicopter to land near the stage. It arrived with Hope and the June Taylor Dancers! "With their skimpy outfits!" Stoney was in the front row and actually got to shake hands with Hope!

Great story from one of our great veterans. By the way, the answer to the question was Earl Battey, former Twins catcher. The Sports Expert was NOT stumped (after Stoney gave a hint).

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