For the last two years or so there's been a push by some for the city to offer municipal broadband to all residents, or at least provide the infrastructure.

Rochester City Council President Randy Staver talked about the issue on his visit with Rich Peterson and Kim David on Rochester's Good Morning Tuesday on KROC AM. The Council tabled the proposed feasibility study of the issue that would cost 47-thousand dollars.

Staver acknowledged it has been done successfully in some cities across the country, but some cities have not had that success.  Staver wondered if it was a necessary item right now given some of other, more pressing needs..

But, a listener called and was of the opinion the city controlled most of the golf courses in town, which are used by relatively few residents as opposed to the internet which these days is used by most everyone.  He didn't think the private/public competition point was valid.  Staver disagreed..

Staver's next visit is May 2nd at 8 o'clock on KROC AM.


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