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St Paul (KROC AM News) - Don’t blame all the smoke you see this weekend on fireworks.

Canada should also get some of the blame.

Wildfires still burning in western Canada have been producing smoke that is blowing across parts of the US, including Minnesota.

And this could affect the state's air quality this weekend:

Minnesota PCA
Minnesota PCA


The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has released this message:

“Lingering wildfire smoke across western MN will move northeast and may produce Yellow AQI values for fine particles in NE MN. Sunny skies and temperatures in the 90s across much of the state will result in widespread Yellow AQI for ozone. Fireworks over the weekend may produce elevated fine particle levels in populated areas and result in Yellow AQI for fine particles as well. A frontal boundary will move into the state Sunday and bring a chance of thunderstorms to the central part of the state. Wildfire smoke should clear the state, but Yellow AQI for ozone is possible across southern MN. Northerly winds may transport wildfire smoke back into the northeast corner of the state beginning early Monday. We'll continue to monitor the Canadian wildfires and potential smoke transport over the weekend.”


One other note: smoky conditions like this usually produce hazy skies and eye-catching sunsets and sunrises.

News update:  Minnesota law enforcement organizations are suing the governor.

Speaking of fireworks:  check here for area events.

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