Minnesota based retail giant, Target, has extended it's $2-an-hour raise for workers during the Coronavirus Pandemic.


Originally slated to end on May 2nd, Target has elected to extend the temporary raise until May 30th . This raise effects hourly store and fulfillment center workers. On top of this, Target will also continue to offer 30 day paid leave for their employees over the age of 65, pregnant, or with underlying health conditions making them more susceptible to illness.

According to Bring Me The News, Cub Foods and Kowalski's have also increased the hourly wage for their hourly employees by $2-an-hour. Target, as well as many other retailers, are providing their workers with proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and are starting to limit the amount of people in its stores to help adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines.

For more info about how Target is supporting their employees and guest during the Coronavirus Pandemic, you can click here!

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