You may have seen a story recently regarding an apparent attempted abduction of a four-year-old-child at the end of the July 4th fireworks at Silver Lake Park. The Rochester Police Department has no record of the incident being reported to them, but abduction for the sex trade is certainly something that can happen here in Rochester, even to a child as young as four, according to Stephanie Holt from Misson 21, an area anti-trafficking service provider.

Sex trafficking was the topic of 'Rochester's Good Morning' on Monday. Show host Rich Peterson talked with Holt at length about the various ways it can manifest itself in our area. Here is some of what she had to say about the subject...

Holt says that the average age for entry into prostitution via sex trafficking is 13. She also says that, while a majority of children involved in the sex trade used to be girls, now nearly half of the children exploited are boys. It is thought that much of the exploitation in places like Rochester involves child pornography.

For more information on Mission 21, visit their website.

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