Mid America Nazarene University recently set out to find the most impactful invention from each of the 50 states in the U.S.

There were some interesting discoveries.  Did you know the surfboard was invented in Hawaii?  Probably.  The ski lift in Nebraska? Probably not.  Minnesotans have contributed many inventions that have made our lives easier and longer.

This study indicated the heart pacemaker was the most impactful, but what other inventions came from the gopher state?

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Quite a few according to a recent article in MinnPost.

Back in 1885 the furnace thermostat was invented by Albert Butz, who's little company in St. Paul eventually became Honeywell.

In 1912 it was grocery bags with handles and the Better Business Bureau!

Greyhound Bus Lines, the pop up toaster, water skis, recording tape, masking tape, electronic auto pilot, cortisone (Mayo Clinic), Open heart surgery and the bundt pan!!

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Many more are listed.  Very very interesting and impressive!

As for Wisconsin?  The space suit. Iowa?  Tractor.

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