It is really cool to see the advancements we have made in the past few years when it comes to technology. I never thought we would come to a point where there is an app for everything, but we are there.

Uber is testing a new feature in their apps and has picked Minnesota to be one of the test groups to see if it actually works. According to Bring Me The News this feature is called the text 9-1-1 feature. Being an outsider, I did not realize that in Minnesota you can text 9-1-1 from any smartphone and they will respond. That was not a thing in Iowa or Colorado.

This feature inside the app is really easy to use. Both the driver and passengers have access to it. The article says that this feature will be located under the Safety Tool Kit within the app. The reason that this is better than just texting 9-1-1 is that it gives officials the exact information they need to respond. It is much faster than texting you back asking for the information. Upon pushing the button, the make, model of the car, driver's name, license plate number, start location, and end location is sent to the officials.  You then can text what the emergency is, so the right people will be sent to the scene. The goal is to get quicker responses in emergency situations.

There is no word on how long this feature will be tested here in Minnesota, but hopefully, this becomes a standard feature across the country. There are two other major cities that are also testing this feature according to the article. After they work out all the problems, this app could save so many lives.

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