MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A motorcyclist crashed and died on a Brooklyn Center highway ramp in the middle of the night, and his body remained at the scene until family members went out and found him nearly seven hours later, authorities said

The Star Tribune reports the motorcycle was heading west on Interstate 694 Saturday morning, when it went off the ramp to northbound Hwy. 252.


The State Patrol identified the motorcyclist as Jonathan Harley Jones, 37, of Blaine.

The patrol got word of the crash shortly before 10 a.m. and was told that he was riding with “his friends, (and) they noticed he wasn’t behind anymore, probably around 3 o’clock,” according to emergency dispatch audio.

Members of Jones’ family knew where to find Jones after “they tracked his phone and found him,” the dispatch audio disclosed.

Highway traffic cameras confirmed the timing of the crash as reported by family, the dispatch audio added.

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