Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - What was expected to be the first formal vote on a key recommendation for the Destination Medical Center initiative was delayed today because of a lack of a quorum for the DMC Corporation Board.

The panel is now expected to vote in late October or early November on the $100 million dollar plan to create a Bus Rapid Transit System running on Broadway and 2nd Street Southwest. DMC Economic Development officials have indicated that would still allow them to meet a schedule that has been described by federal officials as the most aggressive they have ever seen for this type of project. If all goes as well, it is envisioned the new transit system linking two transit hubs to downtown Rochester will be operational in the spring of 2025.

The Rochester City Council is currently scheduled to vote on the recommendations during its October 7th meeting, but there was a request today from Olmsted County Commissioner and DMC Corporation Board member Jim Bier to delay that until later in the month because a scheduling issue will delay the County Board's review of the plan until a meeting scheduled on October 15th.

Rochester Mayor Kim Norton also suggested a modest slowdown in the schedule could be beneficial. The mayor says she is not convinced the public has a good understanding that the transit system requires dedicated lanes for the buses to circulate and that will likely require limiting traffic on both Broadway and 2nd Street to a single lane in each direction. She urged DMC officials to use the time to better inform citizens about that aspect of the project.

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