You heard that smiles left the Costco store in Rochester, right?  A lot of people have been upset by this news but something was spotted today that now has me wondering what is really going on.

If you missed the bit of news about the smiles disappearing, you can read the whole story that Dunken shared at this link (click here).  Here is a quote though from the article:

I'm not sure if we had a confused look on our faces, or the lady felt guilty, but she felt the need to pull aside and explain. She told us that someone had filed a complaint and they are no longer allowed to draw smiley faces on receipts.

Earlier today I got a message from a friend that said: "COSTCO the smiles are back" along with the photo of his receipt.

Credit: Adam Block
Credit: Adam Block

Now I'm confused.  Are the smiles gone or are they back?  I went to Costco's website and asked them and their response was:

Hello Jessica, the smiles that are put on the receipts are a courtesy done by the warehouses. It would up to the warehouse's discretion whether they decide to put the smiles on the receipts. 

If you go to Costco, just ask for a smile if you'd like one.  After chatting with some of the staff there, I hear that might also bring the smile back for you.

I also have a few thoughts on this too because if the smiles disappear, it doesn't mean that we have to stop spreading smiles in the community.  If you are a parent or have a business, you should watch the video on my Facebook page...I've got a few ideas.  Watch it below or click here to find it.

Keep spreading the smiles!  I'd love to see how you are keeping smiles going in other places.  Grab a photo and send me a message to my Instagram page (here) or my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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