Robbinsdale, MN (KROC AM News) - An update on the recovery of a Waseca police officer who was recently shot in the head discloses he is still in intensive care - but also showing signs of progress.

The Jan. 22nd update on the Caring Bridge page for Officer Arik Matson indicates he is able to sit in a chair and even drew a mark on his face.

Here is the entire update from his sister-in-law Nicole Matson:

It's been a pretty good day in the ICU so far! The nurses and Physical Therapy helped Arik sit up in a chair next to his bed for some time today and is keeping his left eye open for longer and longer. He's been tolerating breathing totally on his own with just a little oxygen and humidity through his trach so that's good! Speech Therapy came in and worked with him this morning and said it'll be a while before he's able to speak (it hasn't been a week since he's gotten the trach yet) but he's gotten a few groans out this morning! He's able to slightly nod 'yes' or shake his head 'no' to questions but it's easier for him to give us a thumbs up or down - Physical Therapy said he has to work those neck muscles and to keep pushing for head nods and not give in to the thumbs up lol Sorry bud!

He's spent a few minutes itching his face with a mouth swab and popping the cap of a marker on and off this afternoon - he even drew on his face with the marker when his brother turned his back for a second haha! All that activity must have tired him out because he's been sleeping and letting his brain rest for a while now but these are all great signs! Keep those prayers coming!

Matson was shot in the head Jan. 6th while responding to a call about a suspicious person. The suspect was also shot and at last report was still in the hospital. He has already been charged with attempted murder.

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