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Snowy and icy conditions have been widespread across Minnesota during this recent big snowstorm and a traffic camera just caught the scary moment a semi-truck jackknifed on a busy highway recently.

If you've lived in Minnesota for any length of time, you're used to dealing with ice and snow on our roads and highways, right? Heck, here in the Land of 10,000 (Frozen and Snow-Covered) Lakes, Old Man Winter can send us snowflakes pretty much anytime from October through May.

While car crashes can be scary any time of year, they're especially scary when the roads are covered with ice and snow in the North Star State, as this video shows. This current massive snowstorm has dropped over a foot of snow and has given us treacherous road conditions for several days already, making this just one of many incidents first responders across Minnesota have investigated.

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This incident likely happened sometime Tuesday and was captured on video by a Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) traffic camera. It takes place in the Twin Cities metro, on I-35W between Minneapolis and St. Paul. It was posted on the Twitter page of Midwest Safety, which notes that they're 'Volunteers promoting traffic safety & 1st Responders.'

Check it out below, and be glad you're not the driver of that pick-up truck in the left lane that suddenly has the jackknifed semi-cab directly in front of its oncoming path! Fortunately, it doesn't appear that any other cars or trucks crashed into the semi after it came to a stop (and check out how far it slid on the slippery pavement as well!)

And keep scrolling to check out six vital things officials say you should know if you have to drive in a snowstorm, plus ten items Minnesotans always stock up on when they hear the word 'storm' in the winter.

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6 Vital Reminders Every Minnesotan Should Know If You Have To Drive During A Snowstorm

While you should avoid hitting the road during a snowstorm, sometimes it can't be avoided. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to drive during a storm, here are some crucial reminders from the Minnesota State Patrol.

Top 10 Items People in Minnesota Stock Up On When They Hear "Storm"

I am pretty sure that as soon as the word "storm" shows up in the forecast, people in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin are just trained to hop in their cars and go to the store. Stocking up on supplies becomes our #1 priority and we shop like we have absolutely nothing in our house to eat. So, we will up our carts with all "the things" and hope we grabbed enough to make it through the storm.

FYI - we will make it through the storm, and some of us will do that with Double Stuffed Oreos. Some of us will not...because the store shelf was empty by the time we got there.

Below are a few of the top items that we grab at the last minute before the storm hits.

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