A few weeks ago, there was a rumor floating around that Winona Ryder was in Minnesota to film a Super Bowl commercial. Those speculations were confirmed and with the big game days away, the commercial has been released. She was making the commercial for Squarespace, which is a website-building company.

There are two versions of the Commerical. The 30-second commercial will air on Sunday between the first and second quarters on Fox, according to the Winona Daily News.

There is also a 60-second version that will air at a later date. The article says the mayor of Winona is a little disappointed that the commercial doesn't depict the town a little more. But if you head over to the Visit Winona website, you'll see a fun little video the crew shot that does show more of the Minnesota town:

This short video shows that Winona Ryder is trying to find herself through her namesake town. It's a really cool little video that shows more shots of Winona than they put in the commercials that will air on TV. Hopefully, the commercial, film, and the new Vist Winona Website will bring more tourists to this adorable town. If anything... millions of people are going to see it on Sunday, so it'll make Winona, MN a little bit bigger of a map dot.

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