The Great Minnesota Get-Together is in full swing but there's a question I keep hearing and seeing on social media: Why is the Minnesota State Fair 12 days? Why was that the length that was decided on? As a big state fair fan, I had to find out for myself!

Minnesota State Fair
Minnesota State Fair, Sunday August 27, 2023 (Aaron Galloway/Townsquare Media)
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Since the Minnesota State Fair is such a big deal and people travel, literally, from around the world to come to it, why is it only 12 days long? I mean, come on, the Texas State Fair is 24 days long!

While I think that 24 days is way too long for a state fair, I feel like the Minnesota State Fair could add a couple more days to the beginning.

Minnesota State Fair crowd size 2023
Minnesota State Fair, Sunday August 27, 2023 (Aaron Galloway/Townsquare Media)

Why the Minnesota State Fair is Only 12 Days Long

Turns out, people have been asking this same question for years. I found a post by WCCO from 2016 asking the same question.

There are three reasons why the state fair is 12 days. Reason number one is so it doesn't overlap with county fairs. One of the biggest parts of the state fair is all of the 4-H and FFA kids competing. Well, that can't happen until the county fairs are over.

Laura Anderson, Unsplash
Laura Anderson, Unsplash

The second reason is because most schools across Minnesota start up right after Labor Day so having the fair end on Labor Day makes the most sense. And finally, many vendors and rides are booked at multiple fairs across the country.

Fair spokesperson Brienna Schuette told WCCO that many of the midway rides come from the Wisconsin State Fair. Then after our fair, they go to fairs out west or to the Texas State Fair.

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Longest State Fairs in the Country

Speaking of the Texas State Fair, they aren't the only fair that's 24 days long. The Arizona State Fair is also 24 days long! Then the next longest fairs are California's and Indiana's with 17 days. Most state fairs, though, are 11 days long.

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