You roll up to your favorite Rochester restaurant and ask for your usual. You hand them a clean bowl and a cup, they fill the bowl with salad and the cup with coffee. The next day, you bring back the SAME bowl and the SAME cup, washed, and so on and so on.. Would that work in Rochester?

According to the New York Post, it's a real thing in New York and it works.

(At) Just Salad...Customers pay $129 for a month of salads, but they have to use the chain’s reusable salad bowl to get the deal, which works out to $4.16 per salad per day, compared to an average price of $12. Customers who visit the chain less frequently can also buy a reusable bowl for $1 and will get free toppings every time they use it. (Just Salad says it’s not responsible for lost or stolen bowls.)

The story goes on to talk about another place that does take-out in mason jars. You pay a $2 deposit for the bottle and then if you bring it back for more take out, they cut a couple of bucks off the price of each item. Or if you bring your own coffee cup to yet another place, you get 10% off.

What do you think? Would it work in Rochester?

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