Xcel Energy continues to invest in wind generated power. The utility company, which provides electrical power to over 3 million homes and businesses in Minnesota, has announced plans to boost its wind power capacity in the Upper Midwest by another 1550 megawatts.

The plan calls for adding 7 new wind farms in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa by 2020. In Minnesota, Xcel  is proposing an additional 750 megawatts of wind power generating capacity from new wind farms planned along the Iowa border in Freeborn County, and in western Minnesota in Lincoln and Pipestone Counties. Some of the projects were publicly announced last fall.

The company estimates they will recreate 1500 construction jobs, and 80 full-time permanent positions. The new wind farms would boost the utility's capacity from wind power by about 60-percent. In addition, Xcel says the new projects will push it closer to reaching its goal of obtaining over 60-percent of its power from carbon-free sources” by 2030.

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