Pipets, experiments, petri dishes, data and poster boards - just a few of the things that students in Rochester have been consumed with the past few months.  All of the work and research led up to one important weekend for 32 students in Rochester, the State Science & Engineering Fair.

More than 500 Minnesota students converged to compete in the 80th annual North Central State Science & Engineering Fair (SSEF). The SSEF is an annual competition that has been the pinnacle of project-based education for the best and brightest Minnesota students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The State Science & Engineering Fair’s mission is to foster students to become informed citizens who are well versed in the methods and ideas of science and to inspire Minnesota students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. - www.mnmas.org

I drove up to Brooklyn Center, MN for the event to cheer on the Rochester students!  This was a huge deal for our students that were selected and I know a lot of work was being done behind the scenes by many in our community too, including the teachers.  And I'll say it, I'm a pretty proud mama because my son was one of the 32 students that were selected.  

The students that represented Rochester were 6 students from Century High School, 3 from John Marshall High School, 3 from Mayo High School, 3 from Friedell Middle School, 14 from Lincoln K-8, 2 from John Adams and 1student that is homeschooled.

I walked around and saw projects on salt water, ph levels, differences of apples, how much we are distracted while driving even while talking on a phone hands-free (yep...not even holding a phone) and hundreds of other experiments were tested.

The entire experience for me, as a parent, was all very amazing.  I loved seeing the passion that the kids had for their projects and the knowledge that they contained.  Honestly, seeing all of these Middle and High School students beaming with confidence next to their projects, it just showed how bright the future is for our kids.

Next year, your child will have an opportunity to be part of the Regional Science & Engineering Fair that takes place in Rochester, MN.  This is the event where kids are selected to participate in the State Science & Engineering Fair.  If your child hasn't participated in this and you would like more info, watch for info in the Community Education brochure by Rochester Public Schools.  For kids that are in 3rd grade to 6th grade, the GATEway Science Fair is held in Rochester and is open for all to participate.  The 2019 dates will be announced on their website here.

Congrats to all the students that were part of all of the science fairs in Rochester this year.  And to the 32 students that made Rochester proud at the State Science & Engineering Fair, congratulations!  You were awesome!  (And huge thanks to the chaperones and the Rochester Public School District for helping organize all the details for this event!)

State Science and Engineering Fair 2018

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