UNDATED (KROC AM News)  - An Eagan couple collected their winnings at the Minnesota State Lottery headquarters this week.  

They are the latest Minnesotans to win a second place prize in the Powerball game. Luke and Emily Lange turned in their $1,000,000 ticket Tuesday.The ticket was sold for last Saturday’s drawing.

“The kids went to grandma’s on Friday night (July 1), so we wanted to go to dinner. [The restaurant] only takes cash and all we had was a $100 bill,” Emily explained. The couple stopped at a SuperAmerica in Burnsville, where “We bought gas, two Mega Millions® tickets and two Powerball tickets to break the bill,” she said.

As the couple was watching the news on Sunday morning, the winning numbers scrolled across the screen. Emily grabbed the ticket and said to Luke, “We got all of them except the Powerball. We won a couple of hundred bucks!” Luke thought the prize was at least $200,000, so he looked it up online. After he discovered the prize was $1 million, Luke texted family members and asked them to check it. “Our $4 investment turned into $1 million!” he exclaimed.

There have now been four second place Powerball tickets sold in Minnesota since the beginning of the year.

Meanwhile, the grand prize in Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing went unclaimed. It will be worth at least $288,000,000 for the Saturday drawing.


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