Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - The Rochester Public Works Department has been told some of the speed bumps that have been installed in the city may be in violation of state transportation policies.

A Minnesota Department of Transportation employee expressed his concerns to the City Council Monday.

Fausto Cabral recently discovered the bumps on Fairway Drive NW and contacted the city. He advised the city its state funding for certain road projects could be affected if they are not removed. Cabral told the council streets that are built with state funds are required to meet certain standards to ensure the safe, smooth flow of traffic. Cabral is MNDOT's regional Assistant District Engineer for State Aid.

Public Works Director Richard Freese disagrees with Cabral, saying the city is in compliance with state policies.

Freese says Cabral has not said what rule the city has violated. Freese says the city council “has the discretionary right to control speed on residential streets by using speed bumps, speed tables, stop signs and other strategies.”

So for now, the speed bumps or humps will not be removed.