St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Walz administration today announced it is taking additional steps to curb state spending in light of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the state’s finances.

The Minnesota Office of Management and Budget today issued a new Revenue and Economic Update that shows the state’s overall general fund revenues for February and March totaled just under $2.6 billion. That is $103 million, or about 3.8-percent, below the level that was predicted by the most recent state revenue forecast that was released in early March. The report says the lower than expected revenue partially reflect the beginning of the impact of the deteriorating economic conditions resulting from the pandemic.

Today, State Management and Budget Commissioner Myron Frans announced that an updated state revenue forecast has been ordered and is expected to be ready next month to give Governor Tim Walz and state lawmakers guidance as they respond to the pandemic and its impact on the state budget. He says the governor has also ordered a hiring freeze the bars state agencies from filling any vacant positions and less they are for the COVID-19 response. Governor Walz has also imposed a 10-percent pay cut on himself and the members of his cabinet for the remainder of this year.

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