Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - Rochester police are reporting an arrest for a recent armed robbery at a Rochester motel.

Police Lieutenant Mike Sadauskis says 20-year-old Dushawn Minor was arrested on first-degree aggravated robbery and burglary charges after investigators executed a search warrant at his Rochester apartment in the 800 block of 40th Street Northwest.

Lieutenant Sadauskis says a review of the video recorded by the security system at the Staybridge Suites by investigators and employees of the motel led to the identification of Minor as a suspect in the robbery. Some of the workers recognized mannerisms exhibited by the robber as being similar to the mannerisms of a former employee.

The search of the man’s apartment uncovered a number of pieces of clothing that matched those worn by the masked robber who came into the motel armed with a tire iron early Monday. The robber demanded access to the motel’s safe, but after the clerk told him he did not have the code to open it and a manager reached by phone refused to divulge the code, the robber grabbed the money that was in a cash drawer and fled on foot.

Sadauskis says after he was confronted with the evidence, Minor gave a statement and admitted to the crime.

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