Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - Former US Senator Norm Coleman is now recovering from cancer surgery performed this week by a Mayo Clinic team in Rochester.

Coleman, through a Facebook post, says his surgeon is pleased with the outcome after completing what the Mayo surgical team described as "a most challenging surgery." The 7-hour procedure involved removing the lower left lobe of his lung and all visible traces of the cancer discovered during a recent scan. He also shared that the cancer was more invasive than seen in earlier scans and scar tissue from earlier radiation treatments complicated the surgery.

I remain grateful for the continued prayers and support of friends, families and strangers. Battling cancer is a race without a finish line -- but I am blessed to be on this journey accompanied with an abundance of goodness in my life.

Coleman was first diagnosed with cancer involving his neck and throat several years ago and discovered, almost a year ago, that it had spread into his lungs. After undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, scans did not find any trace of the tumors but a recent follow-up scan discovered the recurrence of cancer in the former Senator's lung.

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