The Two Harbors Police Department reported a frightening incident on Friday afternoon, prompting a call to the public for help identifying who or what was behind it.

In a public release, the department explained the scene, which resulted in a call for response from the Two Harbors Police Department, Lake County Ambulance Service, Lake County Rescue Squad, and Minnesota State Patrol just after 2:00 pm on Friday afternoon.

They were called to the report of a medical emergency on Minnesota Highway 61 near Burlington Bay Campground, on the edge of town.

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As of the time of the release, the Two Harbors Police Department described what happened as follows:

The person involved in the medical emergency was traveling southbound on Highway 61 when a rock hit the hood of their vehicle, then bounced through the windshield and struck the individual.

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The person struck by the rock was transported to the Lake View Hospital for immediate care, then transported to a Duluth area hospital.

The Two Harbors Police Department say this incident is currently under investigation, asking the public for help.

The department is asking anyone who was traveling along Highway 61 near the campground or may have been nearby the incident at the Burlington Bay Campground or nearby Lakeview National Golf Course around 2:00 pm on Friday to contact them with any tips.

They ask anyone who may have been in this area that may have seen the event happen or came upon it to contact the Two Harbors Police Department at (218) 834-5566 to share whatever you may have seen. They note that your call may be transferred to the Lake County Sheriff's Office dispatcher, but they say you will be connected with the appropriate officer.

While there is currently no indication from the department as to how the rock ended up striking the car, the timing of this incident comes just days after three teenagers were arrested for a rock-throwing incident involving cars in Colorado.

Earlier this spring, a series of rock-related incidents occurred in Colorado, where individuals in cars were injured by rocks thrown at cars on roadways. In the most notable incident, a 20-year-old woman was killed by a rock that broke through her windshield. Just last week, three Colorado teenagers were charged in the fatal rock-throwing incident.

Again, there is currently no indication that the Two Harbors incident is a copycat case of the frightening and horrifying string of incidents in Colorado. Every part of me hopes there is some other explanation for what happened in Two Harbors.

It is sickening to imagine someone would do something so senseless and reckless on purpose. Here's hoping whatever led to the incident in Two Harbors is resolved quickly by law enforcement and that the person injured in today's incident is able to make a quick and full recovery.

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