St. Louis County, MN (KROC-AM News)- A Minnesota sheriff’s deputy escaped severe harm after their squad SUV was rear-ended at an accident scene. 

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That’s according to St. Louis County Sheriff Gordon Ramsay. He said the squad vehicle was struck from behind on Monday. 

Ramsey said the deputy responded to a crash along a four-lane stretch of Hwy. 169 in the northeastern Minnesota county. While the deputy was parked at the scene, a vehicle struck the rear of the squad at highway speeds, Ramsay said. 

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The sheriff’s post to his Facebook page indicates the striking vehicle was a SUV. Ramsay says the deputy was not seriously injured and able to walk away. 

He said the Monday incident serves as a reminder for the public to move over for emergency and highway maintenance vehicles parked on the side of the road. 

The driver of the striking vehicle's name and their condition were not disclosed in the social media post.

Minnesota law requires motorists to move over or slow down for emergency and maintenance vehicles parked on the shoulder of the state's highways and interstates.

 It became a state law after Minnesota State Trooper Ted Foss lost his life when he was fatally struck by a motorist during a traffic stop on I-90 in Winona County in August of 2001. 

Minnesota State Patrol
Minnesota State Patrol

Last year state lawmakers expanded the law to require drivers to move over or slow down for a stalled vehicle on the side of the road if at least one person is visibly present outside of the vehicle.

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