Most of the elite media, pundits, pollsters, politicians and academics wrongly predicted a Hillary Clinton victory in the 2016 presidential race. Trump’s tenacity, appeal to forgotten, ignored, and demeaned middle class and blue collar workers, the under employed and unemployed, the beleaguered law enforcement and military communities, rural America, and the hard working, over taxed farmer-rancher business men and women was overlooked.

Americans were tired of the political correctness that eroded educational standards, ignored reality, and stifled free speech and thought. Success and traditional values were demeaned. Partisan attacks divided into contending groups and voting blocks. Nationalism, patriotism, traditional values and the quest for secure borders were considered outmoded and inhumane concepts. Trump’s job creating experience and skills appealed to middle class, independent and minority voters more than was perceived. These voters want to give Trump a chance to make America better, ameliorate some of the nation’s problems, and enhance the strengths and virtues of the United States.

Success was called unfair, selfish, and the reason other cohorts were less so. The hard working blue collar and middle class voters who are the underpinning of America’s economy and stability were ignored, and demeaned if they lacked college degrees.

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