Starting Tuesday at 5 PM, by order of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, if you're in the city limits, and you're going inside public buildings, you'll have to wear a mask. According to the Star Tribune,

Mayor Jacob Frey signed an order Thursday that will require people over the age of 2 to wear a covering over their nose and mouth when they are inside “indoor spaces of public accommodation.”

That includes government buildings, schools, retail stores, rec centers, and many more, including "rental establishments."

Does the business owner get a choice? Not according to Mayo Frey's order. Employees of the businesses covered by Mayo Frey's orders must be required to wear masks by the owners, when the employee will be face to face with the public.

How are people on social media talking about it?  A quick check on the WCCO-TV Facebook page says...positive and negative.

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Violation will be considered a misdemeanor. And people with legit medical reasons not to wear masks are not included in the order.

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