While you would think that essential workers are being compensated fairly for everything they have done during this pandemic, sadly that isn't the case.


According to the latest report by Business.org, Minnesota ranks #40, out of 51 States*, for essential workers salaries. The average wage for essential workers is $33,920 compared to other jobs which is $44,110. This means that Minnesota essential workers are making 23.1% LESS than other jobs.

*District of Columbia included in survey*

The national average is -18.2% with essential workers making about $32,474 while "non essential" workers are making $39,810. Nevada has the lowest differential in pay between essential and "non essential" workers at -7.8%. District of Columbia is the worst state with the deferential at -47.2%. "Non essential" workers in DC are making on average $74,340 while essential workers are averaging $39,284.


According to reports, there are proposed bills that would help close the essential workers pay gap. With everything essential workers are going through everyday to ensure our grocery store shelves are stocked, mail and packages being delivered on time, and delivering produce and food to name a few things, they deserve adequate compensation.

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